Étienne Lévesque
  • @blond
  • Québec, QC
  • He/Him
Hi! My name's Étienne and I'm a fullstack web developer at Nexapp!

I'm really passionate about software architecture and maintainability. I truly believe that the greatest gift a programmer can give their bosses, colleagues and even themselves is a codebase that's easy to maintain and adapt. As idealistic as it might sound, I do think this is achievable through things like robust testing, clear abstractions or simply using the right tools for the job.

As a web developer doing mostly frontend stuff by day I work daily with React (JS/TS) and sometimes Kotlin, with some other languages like Java or Python sprinkled in there occasionally. In my personal projects I spend most of my time working with Elixir, cuz it's awesome and you should love it too! (seriously though if you don't know about it give it a try, it's truly amazing)

Outside of programming I like to play video games, read (sometimes, gotta get back in the habit) and watch videos about PC parts and other tech I'm never going to buy.

See you around! :wave:
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